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MLPs: Evolution, Not Extinction

When crude-oil prices collapsed after OPEC announced that it would maintain output instead of ceding market share to growing North American production, much of the talk among blue-chip master limited partnerships (MLP) focused on their ...

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MLP Portfolio in Review

Here are our updated takes on our MLP Portfolio holdings, based on their first-quarter results and our discussions with their management teams at the National Association for Publicly Traded Partnerships' recent investor conference. Note that ...

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Midstream Madness

The Alerian MLP Index dipped to an intraday low of 435 on Tuesday morning—an almost 20 percent decline from the all-time high reached in late August 2014. This pullback reflects the indiscriminate selloff that engulfed ...

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General Appeal

The master limited partnership (MLP) structure often comprises two entities: a limited partnership that owns the underlying assets and a general partner (GP) that’s responsible for managing the operating entity. In addition to a minority ...

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