Elliott H. Gue

Energy and Recession

West Texas Intermediate and Brent oil prices sank below $80 and $85/bbl respectively in recent sessions, the lowest trading levels since January just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is not a surprise; indeed, we’ve ...

By |September 28, 2022|Feature Article|

Mid-Year Commodity Update

The dollar, pipeline regulations, Biden, the mid-terms, Saudi Arabia, Big Oil’s “greed,” and the war in Ukraine… The mainstream and financial media’s efforts to explain the wild swings in crude oil so far this year ...

By |July 20, 2022|Feature Article|

The Earnings Issue

The Nasdaq 100 has lost about -27 percent of its value so far this year. And the almost as technology-stock heavy S&P 500 isn’t far behind at roughly -18 percent. Throw in the collapse of ...

By |May 20, 2022|Executive Summary|


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